Integrated Human Capital and Recruitment Services

Summit Human Capital provides recruitment process outsourcing and human capital management services to a wide range of Clients in a variety of market segments. Our In-depth understanding of these markets, combined with an exceptional culture of service excellence, sees us provide unsurpassed levels of support. Our operational strategy is to closely coordinate a team of highly skilled experts responsible for all recruitment and human capital services to ensure operational efficiency at all times.We do this through a consortium of international strategic partners and service providers, all market leaders in their field, who offer a comprehensive range of bespoke service solutions.

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The Summit Human Capital’s Team’s personal experience of living and working as both Impats and Expats in culturally diverse habitats and foreign countries affords us an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and sacrifices Impats and Expats face on a daily basis.It has placed us in a position to develop facilities management services...

Human capital is defined as a collection of resources, (knowledge, talents, skills, abilities, experience, intelligence, training, judgment, and wisdom) possessed individually and collectively by individuals in a population. These resources are the total capacity of the people that represents a form of wealth which can be directed to accomplish the goals of a company.

Summit Human Capital offers a comprehensive suite of employee assessments, performance management solutions, e-learning, training and coaching and organisational climate surveys. Employers gain a competitive advantage by understanding the psychological makeup of their staff.




At Vivalon Global Health we have the talent, experience and industry knowledge to create and implement a customised solution to address your needs:


Health care management, consultation, accreditation, quality and performance improvement, patient safety, turnkey solutions, hospital equipment, IT solutions, training, strategic plans and business plans.


We always provide our services in the format of a partnership, carving raw material into a product that is satisfactory to our clients and us. Together we find solutions for any problem in a manner that improves quality and outcomes.


We have work experience in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. We have the expertise to implement all major international health care accreditation standards, such as: Joint Commission International (JCI) USA, Accreditation Canada (AC), French Accreditation, Australian Accreditation (AHCSA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP).


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